Main Events

Soldier of Killiecrankie, Scotland

Infantry & Cavalry

Two days of events and activities at the site of the 1689 Battle of Killiecrankie - includes arena displays of the Jacobite Cavalry. Variety of stalls, food stalls and activities.

Soldier of Killiecrankie, Scotland

Battlefield Tours

Each tour is guided by a knowledgeable battlefield guide who will explain the battle tactics on that day in 1689, where the Clan Regiments stood and which of the government units faced them.

Soldier of Killiecrankie, Scotland

BIG Tent program

A packed program of talks, plays and activities from archaeology to Jacobite tales, 17 th century warfare to children’s interactive play, telling the Battle of Killiecrankie story.

A9 Route Opposition

A9 Battlefield machinerySoldiers of Killiecrankie are opposed to the unnecessary destruction of significant areas of Killiecrankie Battlefieldand the insensitive siting of two massive lay bys where over 2,000 men lost their lives over three hundred years ago. The 16 minute Killiecrankie Battlefield video (shown above) by Rulzion Rattray - our Soldiers of Killiecrankie Jacobite history historian - explains the issues in detail.


Soldiers of Killiecrankie Event 2018

Two days of events and activities at the site of the 1689 Battle of Killiecrankie - the battle was between the supporters of catholic Stuart King James VII of Scotland, II of England and Ireland and the protestant King the Dutch Prince of Orange King William III (& II) and his spouse (and first cousin) Queen Mary II. (Mary's father, King James VII of Scotland, II of England and Ireland fled to France). The Scottish Parliament unanimously supported William and Mary. The Jacobite wars were civil wars. Interestingly there was only one English Regiment at the Battle of Killiecarnkie and that was Hastings Regiment, for a detailed account of the Battle of Killiecrankie.

The annual Soldiers of Killiecrankie event, includes displays of Hanoverian Williamite (government) Troops, Highlander Jacobites and Jacobite Cavalry. In 2017 we also have a guest appearance of the Scots Greys (who were formed in 1873). There are also a variety of period sensitive stalls, food stalls and activities. There is an excellent living history camp, which you are encouraged to walk through and meet the soldiers and their wives and girlfriends and lean how they lived, over 300 years ago.

Meet the highlanders, to be dressed in a traditional highland costume, both male, female, boys and girls. Battlefield Tours, take you along the line where the Government soldiers stood. Day long program in the BIG Tent with activities for the adults as well as the children.

The Soldiers of Killiecrankie event is organised and run by the local community of Killiecrankie and Fincastle. The event was inspired by a visit of Alan Larsen who threatened to bring the Jacobite Cavalry to the 2014 anniversary weekend. He in fact did just that and the birth of Soldiers of Killiecrankie occurred and has taken place annually since then.