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Stories from Killiecrankie Battlefield

As a direct result of telling the story of the first Jacobite battle at Killiecrankie, left to us by General Hugh McKay and Cameron of Lochiel, we received a number of requests that we continued our Killiecrankie Battlefield Stories.

On the first Tuesday of everything month we have a different story that is related in some way to Killiecrankie and Jacobite history in general. It has been wondeerful to have so many people happy to share their knowledge on this small window of our Scottish history.

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Leather Guns on Killiecrankie Battlefield. The discovery of a cannon ball fired by a leather gun lead to this investigation. 6th April 2021


'A tour of Aldclune' by Stewart MacGlashen. 2nd March 2021


‘History in our landscape’, by Stew Hall. 3rd February 2021


The Story of Scottish Piping in the 17th Century, Lowland and Highland Bagpipes. 4th January 2021


Two Jacobite stories by Jess Smith one of Scotland's traditional traveller story tellers. 1st December 2020


‘The Moorhen and a white, white Rose; Symbols and secrecy in Jacobite songs.’ 3rd November 2020


‘Impact of musket fire in 1689’ – On the battlefield we discuss 1689 muskets, their fire power. 6th October -


The location of the full battle line from the left wing to the right, a distance of 1.5Km 1st September -


Location of McKays Regiment when it fired the last volley in to Clan Cameron 4th August  -


'The Dew Among the Heather' by Plaidsong 7th July 2020 -

Montrose and the Highland Charge by Rulzion Rattray 2nd June 2020 -


We have set up a wee sub group to help drive this. The sub group consists of Stew Hall, Peter Barr, Stewart MacGlashen and myself, James Rattray. Fortunately there is no shortage of ideas. Thanks to those who are volunteering to share their knowledge with us all.

Battle of Dunkeld 21st August 1689 - three and a half weeks after the Jacobite victory at Killiecrankie, The Battle of Dunkeld is often over looked and forgotten. It resulted in a Jacobite defeat by a poorly equipped Scottish lowland battalion the Cameronians. This very informative Battle of Dunkeld video produced by the 1745 Association explains what happened. 

Hastings Regiment - is the only English Regiment that fought with the Scottish Government army. Thanks to a supporter of Soldiers of Killiecrankie for researching and giving us this information.

History of Hasting's Regiment's 330 year history :--

  • In 1685 the regiment was raised by Theophilus Hastings, 7th Earl of Huntingdon.
  • In 1751 the regiment became the 13th Foot.
  • In 1782 renamed 13th (1st Somersetshire) Regiment.
  • In 1822 it became The Light Infantry.
  • In 1842 Prince Albert’s Light Infantry.
  • In 1881 Prince Albert’s (Somerset Light Infantry).
  • In 1959 Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
  • In 1968 all the regional elements became again just The Light Infantry.
  • In 2005 they joined with The Royal Green Jackets, (the other element of The Light Division), to become The Rifles.