Zip wire

Soldiers of Killiecrankie

Soldiers Leap Zip wire in its 2nd year

The Soldiers Leap Zip wire was extremely popular in its first year, with all slots selling out.    Thanks to Killiecrankie based Highland Fling Bungee who operate this during our event.

Why is it called 'Soldiers Leap Zip Wire'? It is in honour of Donald MacBean, one of William II Scottish Army, who is said to have cleared the river Garry in one leap, measured as 18ft or 5.5m wide, from one bank to the other, while being pursued by Highland Jacobites (supporters of Catholic Stuart King James VII of Scotland, II of England and Ireland).

ZipwireThe Soldiers Leap Zip wire started some 70 feet up in the trees on the steep bank above the arena field. The first 50 yards passes through the tree canopy before bursting out above the battlefield and ending some 175 yards later next to the Claverhouse Stone.

OPEN to:-
- Minimum age is 10 - ALL under 16's require a parent or guardian to be with them to sign the acknowledgement of risk.
- Weight Limit -
There is no minimum weight but the maximum weight is 120 kg or 18.9 stone (264lbs).
- Please wear sensible shoes, trainers or walking boots are ideal. No head wear or scarves are to be worn. Make sure you are in suitable clothing and have a jacket with you just in case of inclement weather.
- You need to be of reasonable fitness as there is a 5-6 minute (approx) walk to the start of the zip. Across a field over a fence using a style, up a bank and along a forest track. Hence the sensible footwear!

Cost £10 a leap. Tickets are sold with time slots, with the popular slots of course always going first. PLEASE NOTE:- the zip is part of the Soldiers of Killiecrankie event, so you will need to pay £6 adult, £5 Concession and £3 a child 16 years and under, Family of four 2 adults and 2 children £16 to enter the event. 
To BOOK your Zip Wire slot go to
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Tickets can be purchased in advance (we believe this will prove to be very popular) so one way to ensure you get your Soldiers Leap Zip is to purchase ahead of the weekend.

Please remember, like the Battle field tours this price is after you have entered the Soldiers of Killiecrankie event (two days packed with activities and shows) you can purchase your event + ceilidh tickets here ....